Friday, July 15, 2005

Multi-culturalism under spotlight

BBC NEWS | UK | UK multi-culturalism under spotlight

A friend of mine sent me this link with comment that next on line is Canada. He feels that multiculturalism embraced by UK and Canada is not working while the US "melting pot" is better. Now, of course, the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote (with Nathan Glazer) in "Beyond the Melting Pot", that there is no real melting pot and the way to a richer and more harmonious America is not through the destruction of communal pasts and identities but rather through the transformation of them to help create a better America (or, what I call as multiculturalism).

Embedded in my friend's argument is that culture is linked only to religion and intolerability is the monopoly of militant islam. I think culture is related to religion, ethinicity and the environment. And, as for intolerability just look around - you have examples of islamic, jewish, christian and hindu intolerability. The moment you think my religion/way of life is better than yours the seeds of conflict are sown.

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