Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hypocrisy...thy name is Indian Politics

PM should apologise : BJP

So, first they call Jinnah a great man and of course, expect that it does not insult the millions of Indians. And, now when the PM calls the British rule beneficial they cause a rukcus. While both are right, neither of them should have been expressed in so many words in public by an Indian politician.

I think Jinnah was a great man but to foist himself to eternal greatness he had to seek the partition of a nation. Of course, as the other side of the same coin is that Nehru diid not want to give up his chance at eternal greatness. His family would treat the Prime Ministership of India as a family affair for the next forty years.

As for the Brits, they gave us the railways, the judicial system, the bureaucracy and most importantly the language which I am using to communicate (and, we are using to grow as an economic superpower). I only wish we could have improved upon on what they left behind - a train service that keeps to the timetable, a judiciary that works faster, a bureaucracy that is less corrupt.

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