Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kerala: Gods' own hell's hole

Anthrax scare: Kerala lifts ban on milk from TN

This one is funny. Funny, because I know what is behind the anthrax scare. My folks live in Kerala, just across the border from Tamilnadu. They get milk manufactured in Tamilnadu, packed in sachets with Malayalam labeling at very competitive price. The folks in Kerala have been doing their best to try ban food, vegetable and diary items from Tamilnadu. You see the folks in Kerala have this sense of enntitlement - they expect to be paid more, work less.

On any given day you will find labourers from other states as far as Rajasthan and W. Bengal working in Kerala - work Keralities refuse to do (certianly not at the price offered). Some of the contractors have different pay scales for local and out-of-state workers. Local folks get a flat rate with the usual lunch and tea breaks. The out of state folks are paid for performance at a lower rate.

I have never come across a land so beautiful as Kerala. Sometimes, I feel this is because of its people - who hate progress as that would mean they will have to get off their butts.

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