Monday, July 17, 2006

Silent Majority ...the silence is deafening

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Tension among Mumbai's Muslims

According to this BBC report the Muslims in Bombay are feeling the heat. I do feel sorry for them. But, the slience of the Indian muslim leadership on the blasts is deafening.

I counted three Bollywood muslims who voiced concerns regards the blast - Aamir Khan, Javed Akthar and Shabana Azmi. But, where is that DH Imam of Juma Masjid who shouts off his mouth other times.

Other day I heard a report on NPR about a silent majority in Pakistan who want the "Islamic" oridnances introduced by Zia repelled. I thought hard and long about "silent majority". It is an oxymoron. They say "he who is afraid to ask questions is ashamed of learning". And, if you are silent about your convictions you are ashamed of it. My guess is there are situations when they find the current situation and laws to be advantageous to them.

But, Pakistan is not the only place with "silent majority". India has a number of "silent majority". They are "secular", "class-less", "oppose dowry" and feel aghast about female infanticide. The truth is they are happy with the current the situation. And, a "silent majority" of Indian muslims condemn the blasts.

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