Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Much ado about nothing

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Tamils dispute India mutiny date

So, there is a dispute about India's first war of Independence. The Tamil thambis feel it was 1806 when, according to the beeb, "...the British introduced a dress code for its mostly Indian soldiers which required them to remove caste-marks, earrings and beards."

And, the guys up north have been peddling 1857 as the first war. The reason in that case was sparked by the introduction of cartridges rumored to have been greased with pig or cow fat.

In both cases oppression by the British or freedom from them seem to have played very little, if any. And, there were no national interests at play. Or, maybe the narrow religious and caste interest are the national interests.

Anyway, here we are about good 150 years later still squabbling over this silly shit. Tell me how this affects the common man.

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