Friday, July 14, 2006

Let us accept the blame.. for the blasts

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Analysis: Peace process under threat?

The BBC analysis of Manmohan Singh's rhetoric is quite right. It is not the job of the Pakistani government to protect the Indian citizens. I am sure that they like the Indian government would be happy of the miscreants chose the neighbour as their target. And, given their religious beliefs may even feel obligated to look the other way. But, even the "holier than thou", "secular" India has done its bit of supporting miscreants like LTTE.

The fact remains that Indian government failed to protect its citizens. And, it is evident that these blasts like others could not have been orchestrated without sympathetic elements in the Indian society. Let us go after these sympathetic elements, show them no mercy. And, take an effort to understand why they are sympathetic. Hopefully, our politicians will realize that "unity in diversity" is all bullshit and only way to build a truly "secular" nation is by separating state from religion, not by creating separate laws and provisions for every religion, sect, caste and creed.

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