Thursday, September 22, 2005

Uh-ho! What happened to the Big O?

I never have had issues with Overstock. But, this time it is different. They screwed up and screwed up big. I ordered “Business and its Environment”, 5th Edition on 9/9. The product was supposed to be in stock. And, ever since then the order status shows “In Process”.  Last Thursday I called them regarding the ship date and was told by the Customer Service Agent that it would be shipped end of day. And, when I did not get a shipping notification on Friday, I called them again. This time I was told that the agent do not know if the order had been shipped. She said she will send a message to the warehouse to get an update on the order and that the turn around time from the warehouse is 3-4 days. Imagine a 3-4 day turnaround on order update. Anyway, I told her to include in the message that if they had not shipped the order they should cancel it. She promised that I would get an update from the warehouse in 3-4 days. So, when I had not heard anything from them, I called them again today. This time the agent told me that their order tracking system is down for an upgrade but she “thinks” that my order “would have been shipped”. Still waiting on an order placed on 9/9.

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