Thursday, September 08, 2005

A perfect storm and a few storm in the tea cups

Katrina exposed America's seamy side

Shenoy makes some interesting points. But, the truth is people everywhere are pretty much the same. When they feel they can get away with unlawful activities they will try. Didn't someone say - Integrity has no need for rules. Maybe the looting, shooting and rape did not happen when the tsunami struck India. But, it did happen after Mrs. Gandhi's killing, Rajiv Gandhi's killing, after Babri Masjid and Godhra - the list is endless. Each and every time the perpetrators thought they can get away with it.

Katrina was in many ways a perfect storm - a strong hurricane which was met with complacent public and government machinery. Yes, the federal response was slow but did the state and city officials do enough. Maybe the federal funding for fixing the levee was cut but did the state do enough to protect its citizens? The bickering and finger pointing is something new. And, mama Bush seem to be suffering from "foot in mouth" disease.

The generosity of average American continues to amaze me. Initially I thought the likes of BillG was skewing the national average indicated by Turbotax. But, the last few years has shown me there is more to it. I don't think we Indians come anywhere close to that. We keep money as if we got special permission to take it with us when we go on the last journey.

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