Friday, March 28, 2008

Tata Ambassador... now Tata is the Ambassador

Tata Motors have bought the Jag and Land Rover brands from Ford. And, folks in India called it "Empire Strikes Back!”. Folks here called it a case of former colonies being obsessed with sticking it to their former masters. Well, it is not what you got that matters but it is what you do with what you got that matters. So, let us see what Tatas do with these two brands - yes, they are just brands. If they were making good vehicles then people would be buying them. Building a brand is hard.

If you are wondering, what the Ambassador had to do with the rest of the article. Nothing. I just liked puns- good/ bad and everything in between. I guess it is time to say "tata" (who says bye-bye in India) to Ambassador and welcome Tata as the ambassador - the ambassador of brand India.

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