Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Right and Wrong about Wright and Rezko

Last Friday as I was returning from the airport I heard on the news that Presidential candidate Obama had condemned the comments made by Rev. Wright and apologized for errors in judgment in his dealings with Tony Rezko.

The funny thing is I never heard the Tony Rezko issue mentioned again in the media. Here is a case where the candidate who says, "Being right is more important than being prepared" (Is a "right" liberal any better than a "right" conservative? We have one claiming victory in Iraq) saying his real estate dealings with Rezko was not straight and that his campaign had got a lot more money through Rezko than originally claimed. I guess nobody cares about such trivial matters.

Instead, everyone jumped on speeches made by Rev. Wright about 5 to 7 years back. And, gave the Illinois senator a nice photo op and speaking engagement that left lot of the media pundits teary eyed. What is the big deal about what Rev. Wright said? He was expressing his opinion. And, everyone is entitled to one. He was not instigating violence or other subversive methods. He is entitled to his view on 9/11 (and, he was not blaming the victims as Chris Matthews said. He was blaming the government). He is right about Hillary not knowing what it is to be black (he used the N word) in America. Similarly, Obama has no clue what it is to be a woman in America. Both of them have no clue what it is to be a brown skin in America. If you believe in "God Bless... <>" why not "God damn ...<>"

Senator Obama has no control over what someone else says. But, he has control over his actions and dealings with folks like Rezko. Obama may not represent "same old Washington politics" but why do I get this feeling that he represents "same old Chicago politics." I am not sure which one is worse.

P.S: Geraldine Ferraro is a brave woman for not backing down. And, she may have a point here. Reminds me of the Oscars a few years back when Denzel Washington and Halle Berry won. Do not get me wrong, both are great actors but the way the media created the buzz and called it made me wonder if they were getting the prize for their effort or if someone had decided that this is the year.

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