Saturday, October 29, 2005

A fresh blast of reality

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Deadly blasts hit Indian capital

So, there was a time after the Kashmir earthquake that both India and Pakistan were making statements as if the ground reality had changed due to the earthquake.

I was amused and alarmed at the various statements - amused at Mush's suggestion at throwing open the Line of Control border (which he does not recognize) after taking his own sweet time to get aid to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (probably wanted to make sure that there were no evidence of them helping the terrorists). Then, there were reports stating the terrorists camps may have been destroyed by nature. This, when the terrorists managed to kill over ten people immediately after the quake to prove that it is business as usual for them.

Now comes this co-ordinated blasts in Delhi around Diwali time - a reminder that fighting evil is not by turning the other cheek. Or, that in this case an eye for an eye can make people see things in a new light. Time to act rather than pussy foot peace.

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