Sunday, August 21, 2005

WWGS...who the f*@k cares?

Of stem cells, what would Gandhi say? - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune

What would Gandhi say? This seems to be the desi version of WWJD. Seriously, who cares? The author has done a good job of indulging in selective quoting. And, invoking Gandhi is a ploy of the stupid.

“Thus, for Hindus, as much as for Catholics, life begins at conception”, says the author. But, he fails to mention that divinity in man is a very common concept in Hinduism.  Then, he quotes Mahabharata and how the Kauravas were born from a mass of flesh that was divided (cloning? Stem cells?) . And, that their birth is considered as an ominous event. He fails to mention that according to the same epic the Kauravas entered heaven even before the Pandavas (the good guys did).  

The concepts in Mahabharata and Hinduism are pretty simple as I understand it (and, since it is not religion based on a book or an institution, I think I am as good an expert as anyone else) – Do no evil, Good and bad are two sides of same coin just like life and death, and what you sow is what you reap even if it may be deferred. So, let us not drag Mahabharata or Hinduism into what is essentially a Christian debate.

My thought is simple – if you have the right and means to destroy a life then you should have the right and means to create one. And, since we have pioneered numerous ways to achieve the former it is time we start focusing on the later.

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