Friday, August 26, 2005

Reality bites...

BBC NEWS | South Asia | 'Encephalitis spreading' in India
BBC NEWS | South Asia | India child malnutrition deaths

A few days back I received an email from a friend titled "India in the future". It was the work of someone who had lot of time on their hands and poor imagination. It was about some "phoren" folks waiting at the Indian Embassy to come work in India. I guess the writer must have spent quite some time at the US consultates in India for an US visa. Anyway, it was around the same time I read these two articles.

The reality on the ground is far from rosy. Before we become the nation of choice for all information services we should try provide our citizens access to information. And, before we become the world's biggest genric drug manufacturer and center for drug research we should figure out how to help provide primary health care to our citizens.

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mike reardon said...

In the last two weeks, I posted something like the first two paragraphs below on U.S. Business Week online.

We have business competition with equals at their labor cost, equal creativity, architects, engineers, designers, innovators, and product designers, at one-fifth your cost, all services drop to one-fifth there present costs.

Develop collaborations to use this lower cost services in your employment. and protect your own domestic services, that can not be drawn into this world competition.

To go on from this, your nations lower wage creation of services and good for us, will be enhanced by your nations creation of services and good which will be delivered at still at lower costs to your domestic markets, that will make your nation even more competitive in delivering lower cost products and services, against advance nations higher cost of labor.

Hopefully this extension of services, will enhance your national economy, and solve many domestic problems. I wish you well. I care about the U.S. increasing our local domestic services, so as to create employment outside this world competition, not stopping this equal transfer of labor.