Thursday, June 30, 2005


Tech's next watering hole | Perspectives | CNET

Maybe it is the star sign or maybe its just me, I keep switching between chilling out at home and hitting the road for a long time. In recent times I have been called a number of things including "economic adventurer from a third world country" by a guy on a messageboard on offshoring. For him and other like him, here is a Brazilian saying - "snake that does not move ends up as a belt".

As for me, I have been talking about moving to cities that end in "ai". The ones that I had in mind were Dubai, Shanghai, Mumbai (the NY of India) and Chennai ( I am just mad about it). A friend of mine pointed out that Madurai also fits the criteria. I am not sure I want to spend time in the capital of the Pandya kingdom. I would certainly love to visit.

Loved the last line in the article referenced above. Vegas baby...

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