Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Married to the madness

Indian forced to 'marry' her father-in-law rapist - Yahoo! News

First they force her to 'marry" the rapist. Then, some dude says that according to sharia law the rapist should be punished by death. Now, if this is all confusing. Imagine the 'secular' indian judiciary suggesting that the victim take up the rapist's offer of marriage in another situation.

Thanks to the lack of an uniform civil code crimes get interpreted in different ways. And, then you have the 'secular' folks who try to implement their social ideas through the judiciary. A few weeks back a good friend of mine - a Canadian of Indian origin suggested that India cannot afford to have a uniform civil code (He is a Christian). He is also supports the French ban on wearing "head scarfs" and other select religious symbols to schools ( I don't think the ban extends to wearing the cross). It almost feels like some of these 'secular' folks believe in 'as long as it is not in my backyard and it does not affect me' feel free to discriminate.

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