Thursday, October 25, 2007

India Comes Crawling Back to OLPC.. and we are not alone

Olpc: India Comes Crawling Back to OLPC

This article caught my attention. Desis are well known for lot of chest thumping but when it comes to deliver less said is better. We had our dear simputer (meant for "Simple" + "Computer") which transformed into a $400 handheld that nobody wanted. But, we are not the only one - first, we had Intel eat its words and join the program and today I came across another one, Microsoft

There are a number of valid arguments against Olpc and XO - it is not what the kids in developing nations really need, how did a $100 laptop cost $200, it is not powerful enough, Negroponte talks more than he delivers etc...But, it is an incredibly bold idea and the little green-and-white machines have got me. Now, if only I can convince my wife that buy one, gift one is a great idea...

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