Sunday, February 20, 2005

"Chugging", MMS and DPS

When I was in India in December the papers were full of stories of a sex snippet featuring a school boy and girl doing "la clinton" . Maybe, I should call it "chugging". The piece was created using an MMS phone and had found its way on to (eBay's Indian acquisition).

I found it interesting that about half the people who wrote to the newspaper editors complained that this happened due to sex education and MTV, while the other half complained that it was due to lack of sex education. Noboby felt that Bollywood with its steamy wet vidoes may be a cause (I am not saying it is). A few of my friends in the US felt that what happened was nothing big. Afterall, we are the people who gave the world Kamasutra (Of course, I wondered if these people had read the Kamasutra - the ones which is not a photojournal. It is an incredibly technical manual and fairly dry - like Arthasasthra).

Of course, the secular media which often reports of riots in the following terms -"members of a minority community..." did not find any issues in reporting that the students were from DPS (Delhi Public School). Wonder how the school mattered. The incident I don't think happened on the campus, it was not part of what was taught at school and the school had not provided the phone.

I feel a bit sorry for the school and the girl. The school, because they had nothing to do with it. And, the girl - not because of the act. It is obvious that the clip did not get to the net without her boyfriend's help. I guess to him she was just a score. Well, you live and learn...

Look at the bright side of things -
1) Incredible use of MMS enabled phone. Never heard of another incident like this.
2) Selling the clip on an auction site smacks classic capitalism
3) Our dowdy cops were able to track down folks who posted the clip and bought it off the net using IP addresses.

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