Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jassie Gift... Whats in a name?

I must confess the first time I heard the name Jazzy Gift (turns out it is Jassie Gift), I thought it belonged to a race horse. The next was - only a Mallu would do so (To be fair, I have come to expect similar names from the Bongs and the Punjus.)

Anyway, since we are on the topic of names here are a few more interesting names. These are actual people who went to college with me. There was a girl by name Sweetie Thomas - bet her poor husband cannot consider sweetie as a term of endearment (one word less, makes life difficult for men). Then, there was Shaji Kuriakose (male) and Shaji Mary (female) in the same class. And, if that was not enough there was Binu Kurien (female) a year ahead of us and Binu K (male) in my batch. I guess these are what one would call unisex names.

Back to Jassie Gift - he did not choose the name but to live up to it is a big thing. And, that he certainly does.

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Babu said...

Can I know who is behind this Blog.


Babu KG