Wednesday, July 28, 2004

UNDP is ignorant and insolent. And, so are you, Arvind

UNDP is ignorant and insolent

And, so is Arvind L. I can't believe he is arguing over semantics. Agreed that the word "genocide" seems to have more marketing mileage than any real power to rally the world.

There is no denying that "genocide" or not what happened in Gujarat was a complete break down of law and order. The state at the best became silent spectator to the happenings and at the worst helped worsen the situation. Gujarat, Ayodhya (1992), Bombay (1992) and Delhi (1984) are examples of State failure.

And, I bet it will continue to happen if the perpetators feel they can get away with the crime - be it killing the Sikhs in 1984, or torching the train in Godhra or the burning of Gujarat.

What is interesting is nonbody seem to be interested in understanding the reasons behind it - for every Hitler there is a Germany that was willing to go with him. So, what was with Gujarat? Why did it vote Narendra Modi back to power after that?

Does the continuing practice of giving that extra for "minorities" by the Government and the "secular" media contribute resentment in the larger populace which feels the already small economic pie is being made smaller?

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